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Gabi is a lady who takes pride in being an expert anal Birmingham escort who makes herself available to those that want to carry out a fantasy, that maybe their girlfriends or wives don’t share the same enthusiasm for… Maybe you just want a lady who you know is guaranteed to be open minded and enthusiastic about, pretty much, whatever you decide to indulge in. 


Being a knowledgeable anal escort in Birmingham who offers her services to females and couples also, she can even take the time to give your partner a step by step guide, or even a physical showing of what to do and how to prepare themselves for anal. This bisexual Birmingham escort is here to pleasure and help whether you are male or female.


Gabi admits to loving to offer this service, saying that it makes a man feel bigger than ever before and fills her up totally. To the point she has to hold her breath as it feels like there's not enough room in her body for air and a male sex organ and then when it’s inside her, her whole body is radiating with pleasure. Being extremely erotic, when done right and carefully. It is one of her favorite services to offer.


If you want to know how to be ready for the services Gabi is offering, before you even get to her, please take a look at anal escort Gabi’s list of foreplay tips (You can even take them home with you if you are just curious about how to do it right!)


   1) Anal should not hurt!  


Lube will more than likely be required, as the anus does not have a natural way of lubricating itself, unlike the vagina. Anal can actually be extremely pleasurable, but using lubrication is a must to get to the stage of it being enjoyable. Just relax and breathe!


    2) Don’t just put it in…


When considering anal play, you do not want to shove your entire shaft up there like you are loading a cannon, ready to fire! You, in a sense, need to prepare an anus for this service. Helping your partner to relax and to enjoy it, as you will. Start with a finger, a tongue, or a really small toy, like a buttplug for example and then when your partner is happy, add a bit more size.


   3) Just the tip:


Okay, so when preparing an anus for sex play, everything should be ‘just the tip’. The nerves that you are trying to stimulate and help relax are in the anus, hence why ‘rimming’ is such a used way to get someone ready. Think of it as a basketball, rolling around the rim of the basket. That is how you should be thinking when having anal play with someone. 


   4) No digging for gold…


‘’Now when i say digging for gold, i mean shoving fingers up someone's ass like you want to make them go toilet and act as a plunger. This should not happen… immediately anyway.’’ This anal Birmingham escort also advises that if the person partaking in anal is new to such a thing, to also refrain until they have gained a little more experienced. We quote Gabi saying to us ‘’Nearly all parts of sex are rushed and so fast - More so in porn these days. However anal play needs to be slow, sensual and prepped’’


  5) You can change positions:


Yep, that’s right! You don’t have to do everything in doggy-style when it comes to anal. It is an obviously, ‘easy access’ type of position but there are plenty of other choices of positions that are equally as good, if not better than this. Try any variation of the ‘spooning’ position and you are guaranteed a great way to keep things sensual with keck kissing etc. Which also helps your partner relax and enjoy! Anything from the reverse cowgirl to just spicing things up and getting it on, on the stairs makes for an excellent variation also. 


There is, of course, even more ways to have anal play and not just anal sex. You can try lying on your back with your hips elevated for example. Just move around until you get comfy and find something that works… Making you feel most at ease.



   6) Communication is important:


The only way you can know what someone likes and what works is by being honest with the other party(s) involved, about what they are doing. Gabi stresses the importance, as an anal escort in Birmingham, to be vocal about what your preferences are and to be tuned into how the other person's feeling too. 



   7) It is not dirty!!


There is often a stigma around being an Anal escort and the service itself. With some people thinking it’s ‘dirty’. However, this is not the case. There is actually very little umm… fecal matter, we suppose is a nice way of saying it? Which means as long as you are with someone who is clean and takes pride in themselves in general, it tends to not be as gross as you might originally think. In fact, there is more likely to be twice as many germs and bacteria under your fingernails (Yeah… now that is yucky!). Although, upon saying this, when doing anal, it is advised to use a condom even if you are in a monogamous relationship. As the bacteria is different in the anus to what it is in the vagina, for example. It is good to use a condom and then either use another, or none (Depending on who you are having some naughty time with) for regular penetration.  



8) That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean up…


Gabi says ‘’the biggest part in any anal play/sex is comfort. So do whatever you need to do ladies (or gentlemen for that matter) to make yourself feel ready and to relieve some of that lingering anxiety. Using an anal douche is not going to be the cause of any harm whatsoever, if used once in awhile. You can even use something as simple as luke warm water too!‘’.



   9) Added stimulation:


Added stimulation whether it’s vaginal, cliteral, nipple touching or just a simple bit of running your hand down your lover's side or a quick fondle of the neck and some hair tousling. While there are some, lucky, women who can reach climax by just anal stimulation alone, this is not the case for many, plus ‘It adds to the overall experience for both of you’’ Gabi tells us. ‘’Women who have had anal sex actually report, as to having more orgasms than those ladies who do not take part in the act’’ (A better reason to try anal anyone?!).



   10) Not the same finger….


‘’As a general rule, you do not put your finger, or penis, or anything of the sort into someone's rectum and then into their vagina… Or mouth; Sounds strange but I have seen men try it all!’’ Gabi advises to also keep baby wipes or something similar on the nightstand, so they are easily accessible if needed.



  11) If you don’t like it, don’t keep trying (Tip for those who are curious about trying it)


Okay, so considering you have read up on how to get ready for anal already, and then tried it out, with a partner that is considerate, caring and who took all the necessary steps to prepare you for the act known as anal and who invested time in making sure that you feel good. If you do not like it, do not keep doing it in hope you eventually enjoy it… because you probably won’t.


Anal is not for everyone. Hence why an anal escort in Birmingham is in high demand. In general, again considering you have a lover who knows what they are doing ‘’you will know within the first five times, whether this is an ect for you, or not for you’’. Some people just don’t like the sensation of anal sex and that is perfectly normal. ‘’Of course the first time and even the second and third, you are going to be nervous and therefore it will make it that you cannot receive the maximum pleasure from this - So just keep that in mind!’’



   12) You do not need to wax nor anal bleach!


‘’Please do not think that you need to bleach your anus or get a brazilian wax, just to engage in a bit of anal play.’’ It is really not needed and you do not need to feel conscious about a bit of hair. It’s normal and something that your partner will more than likely not even notice or care about. Our toes curl and stomach tightens at the thought of such things… Please, for the love of God, do not let someone rip the hairs off your bumhole, because you want anal…


This anal Birmingham escort, as you can now see, is very experienced and will certainly know how to pleasure. She, of course offers much more services than just anal and is indeed a full service girl that will have your mind blown!


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