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Cristal is the high class Birmingham escort that men are hankering for an appointment with - Although, due to her high demand. It is not always easy to get the booking length or day that you first required (Book in advance guys!!)


Cristal and ourselves thought that it would be an excellent idea, and a great way for you to get to know more about her, and how escorting works in general, if we sat down and did a quick Q & A with her. So you can gather a little more understanding about why she is such a popular girl and the services she gives.


For starters, we can tell you that we really enjoyed taking this time to get to know her a little more. She was such a friendly and charming lady and was very easy to talk to. Traits that we can only imagine are standard with her. Nothing seemed forced or faked and she was very confined within herself. 



Q. Does anyone in your family know that you are a high class escort? If so, what do they think?


A. ‘’My parents have no idea about what i do for a living. I do not even tell them anything about my sex life outside of this line of work. I like to keep myself professional and private, neither telling friends, about clients or the experiences i share with them’’.


‘’If they did know, i’m not really sure what they would think. But at the end of the day, i love meeting new people and doing my job well. As well as the security financially and of course, i love the sensual side of it all’’.



Q. Morally, do you have a problem with being a high class escort girl?


A. ‘’I really enjoy what i do, if i am honest. I work at the highest end of the industry and therefore, it is a safe, secure and fun working environment and everything that takes place is between two (Sometimes three) consenting adults.’’ …. ‘’I share amazing experiences with some amazing people, how can i have a problem with being a high class escort in Birmingham?’’



Q. What are your clients like?


A. ‘’My clients are usually married men. There is not a particular race of clientele that i see more than the others. Being a high class escort in a multicultural city such as Birmingham, allows me to meet many different gentlemen from many different cultures. I really enjoy learning about the different ways of living and the different beliefs’’.... ‘’ I find that most clients are between the ages of 35 and 55, with very good incomes. Hence why they only want to be with a high class girl, who matched their ascetics, in class and also in intelligence. They tend to be doctors, businessmen, lawyers and men of high profiles, such as those, who just want to get away and escape the stressful world they live in for a few hours’’. 



Q. ‘’My clients are usually married’’? Is that right??


A. ‘’Yes, i would say that easily over 85 percent of my clients are married men. Most of these men are just looking for a bit of companionship - Something that is hard to grasp in their normal, everyday lives. They are normally men who want a high class escort with a good reputation, as it assures the privacy and discretion of the, no strings attached relationships that are made. They normally want to keep their home lives intact and ladies like myself ensure that this is the case’’.



Q. Do their wives know?


A. ‘’If i’m honest, i don’t really ask my clients, in order to be able to answer this with accuracy. I assume, that majority of them, have wives who have no idea. However, i know that some of my bisexual colleagues see a good amount of couples. So i guess that majority of them are okay and happy with it’’. 



Q. What do you know about clients? Do you know their real names?


A. ‘’I actually don’t know a lot about my clients to start off with, we only really get to know each other a bit better A) If the client wishes B) If the client becomes a regular. Some clients use their real names to book, but most use an alias instead. It’s all about privacy and being a high class escort i totally understand this and want there to be mutual discretion, as it is important for all parties involved’’. 



Q. What are the expenses like of being a high class escort in Birmingham?


A. ‘’Obviously, working with you guys (Diamond escort agency), all of the advertising, website, photograph costs etc is covered by you, so the setup is great, as i don’t need to spend nearly as much as some do.’’...’’All i really need is new makeup when it runs out, new clothes and lingerie etc. But these are things that i would need to buy anyway, so practically everything i make is profit’’.



Q. Do you regret becoming an escort? 


A. ‘’No, no and no! Being an escort has allowed me to meet some great people, make some excellent friends and travel all over the world, as a high class escort in Birmingham. I have been presented with many great opportunities, that would not have arisen, if i was not working as a high class escort’’. ‘’Due to the fact that i am single, in my personal life, i think it makes being a high class girl even easier, as i can put all of my effort into clients and can really let go and enjoy myself with them.’’... ‘’Sometimes, i do have the problem of hiding my work from family and friends, but i suppose it all adds to the fun!’’



Q. Have you ever fallen in love with a client?


A. ‘’I am a high class Birmingham escort and therefore i keep things professional, in aspects such as this one. There are clients who i click with and who do become regulars, because there is something there. But this is more in a friend kind of way, and both me and the client do not want it to go any further than this. For me personally, i can say this is a no. 

But it does happen and is not uncommon. Although, an escort-client relationship is often a rather difficult one and are often unsuccessful, due to the client not being able to commit or the escort of high class not wanting to give her up work’’. 



Q. What qualities will a client expect from you?


A. ‘’What each client wants from their booking with change slightly, as no one client is the same as the next. But in general they want the following:


- Intelligence: No wealthy man will be happy with an uneducated lady. They certainly expect intelligence and in depth conversation when booking a high class Birmingham escort. 


- Femininity: Clients want a lady that is classy and well mannered. They will not be happy with a girl in jeans and a T-shirt, with her hair in a messy bun. It simply doesn’t work like that. You have got to unleash that inner Goddess of yours and be the living definition of what a woman should be - Sexilly sophisticated and charmingly fun yet mysterious. Capturing your clients minds and souls in a bewitching transe that they do not want to break away from. 


- Eagerness: Whether you are offering a full service in the sex department, of just a skilful girlfriend experience. It has to be carried out with eagerness and an open mind. You have to be willing to listen to your clients wants and needs and then adapt the service you are giving to meet this criteria.


- Youth yet sanity: Every man wants a good looking girl who takes pride in herself. Looking youthful and radiant with an excellent body and pretty face - Of course they want someone who looks good on their arm, hence the need for a high class escort like myself. Although, they do not want a young and silly girl that gets drunk, loud or in anyway does not act like the epitome of sophisticated. You have got to be the perfect balance between young yet sane.’’


Cristal is a high class Birmingham escort that impresses in every shape and form. With magnetising delight oozing from her at every angle. You do not want to waste a second in meeting this mesmerising girl!


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