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Sophisticated GFE

Ladies very often get put into the classification of ‘Sophisticated Birmingham escorts’, but it appears that not very many agency owners, nor independent ladies know how to use this term correctly. Hence why many clientele believe they are getting a classy and intelligent girl and then end up with a ‘Geordie shore’ watching couch potato that doesn’t seem to know 10 words from the English dictionary. These are not the kind of women that can be found in our gallery of escorts


There are certain qualities that a lady must possess to be a real sophisticated escort in Birmingham, which we will go into in detail in a moment. But just know that escort Debbie certainly has attained each of the characteristics and more. Being a sophisticated escort that is sure to impress her clientele. She makes an amazing girl for the more refined gentlemen that are looking for a personal encounter.


Well to start off, what isn’t sophistication?


It is someone that is dirty, rude, arrogant and uneducated. Without class and who does not respect boundaries. 


Sophistication is a word that brings to mind other words such as ‘elegant’ ‘graceful’ and ‘classy’. You think of a lady that doesn’t look out of place at a five star restaurant, with the finest champagne and caviar. This word refers to someone who has had the training and indeed experience to stop and appreciate quality in everything from food to men.   


To be an escort such as Debbie, you need a certain amount of the following:


The attitude:


Have you ever noticed that a sophisticated escort has more than just the appearance? It’s their attitude towards life, those around them and themselves. Being mature and responsible in how they act, at all times. This is something that certainly applies to Debbie.



Personal hygiene:


(Sadly) this is something that some women, particularly the lower class ladies do not seem to understand - PERSONAL HYGIENE IS IMPORTANT! 


Good job that a sophisticated Birmingham escort like Debbie knows that it is imperative to be neat and very clean. Showering regularly (before and after each client), with hair that is always washed, with clean white teeth and shaved relevant areas. Escort Debbie looks her best for every client, without fail. 



The looks:


Now, without being shallow and self absorbed, you have to realise that good looks are important -  Ain’t no man ‘getting off’ on your personality, ladies!  If you want to be a sophisticated escort in Birmingham, then you need to look like one, by always looking nice and presentable. Get your hair done, nails done and for the love of God, get rid of those yeti brows! You do not want to slap on makeup with a paint brush, nor hide your naturally attractive features, but just enough to enhance your face in a subtle manner. Again, you will find our sophisticated escort Debbie to fit the bill!



The right clothing:


Apart from having your hair done stylishly and your makeup done to an exceptional level, the way you dress is equally as important. You always need to dress for the occasion - Although do not need to break the bank in doing so. Debbie is excellent at dressing to impress in a discreet manner, which makes clients enjoy being taking her out for meals and to functions even moreso. 





Education plays a key role in being a sophisticated escort like Debbie. Being able to converse on many different topics and aspects of life, will not only help you grow as a person, but leave a sublime impression on your clientele. Having an understanding about the world around you, art, poetry and literature makes all the difference.



Having hobbies:


Some of the most common, sophisticated hobbies include; horse riding, tennis, golf, photography, fencing, ballet and chess. These are great ways to meet new people of such class and to further develop your skills to become a sophisticated escort. There are, of course, many other hobbies you can choose form. This helped Debbie develop the skills needed to be in this line of work.



Speaking properly:


Many sophisticated women take pride in being able to speak more than one language, but before doing this, you need to make sure that you speak your native tongue to a very high level. A lot of escorts do not realise that it is important to use the correct grammar and speak properly. Avoiding slang or cursing at all costs, as these are signs of poor education and lack of culture. By speaking properly like escort Debbie, you will find people hold you in a very high regard and that you will impress even family.





You will never find a sophisticated escort to be gloating or boasting about achievements or conquests. For example, if you are asked about your strengths as a person, you reply saying that you are ‘quite good’ or ‘decent’ at something. Talk about yourself like the educated girl next door, when you’re a celebrity, kind of thing.





Posture is one of the most important things to being a sophisticated escort girl. Slouching is not classy or sophisticated. Stand/sit with pride, confidence and elegance.



Knowing how to act:


Know how to laugh softly, refrain from making vulgar jokes, how to drink a glass of wine but not down the entire bottle. Even things like, how you may breathe heavily after exercise yet not make a thing of it. Crying at terrible news is accepted, but sobbing hysterically or throwing a tantrum is simply not done. You will not cause a scene by arguing, but instead have a witty comeback or just a simply side glance. Of course, as escorts go, this adds to the all round discreteness and mutual privacy.  


All of these characteristics, combined with Debbie’s age and expert skills within the bedroom make for a very elite lady! Make sure you book her soon.


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