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British Submissive

Fetish escorts in Birmingham often have a black mark next to them. With people thinking that they are up to all things dirty and disgusting. However, this is not the case and being a fetish escort can involve many different things, depending on the ladies’ likes and dislikes. Riley’s guilty pleasures manifest themselves in different ways - Something that we will go into in a moment. For those who enjoy being dominant, she is the perfect companion!


But first of all, we would like to inform you all that Riley is a Birmingham fetish escort that offers appointments to not only single males, but she also allows them to bring a friend along for a MMF experience and will happily entertain couples and single women, as she is naturally bisexual


As said above, there are a few different types of fetishes that Riley loves to take part in. One of the many reason that she is incredibly popular! So, let’s not keep you ladies and gentlemen waiting/reading any longer and lets get started on a list of some of Fetish escort Riley’s favourite services.


Submission: One of Riley faves is being more submissive - Something that comes naturally to her. She likes her clients taking the lead with involved many other services within this one large service. She enjoys her client being the one that is in charge and taking the lead. Having more ‘power’ than she does in the bedroom and even in the companion side if you so wish. 

Sensory deprivation: Sensory deprivation is where you (On the assumption escort Riley is the submissive) take away a sense. Such as sight with a blindfold, or movement with ties and handcuffs (Riley admits to absolutely loving being tied up etc!!)

Sensation play: This is quite a common fetish for an escort, even if some of them don’t actually realise it is a fetish. It is a service that involves the sense of touch. Running young hand down her body, gently running a flogger over her backside. All of this is included in sensation play. It does not have to cause pain, unless the submissive wishes for it, but you have to respect the limits (Which need to be clearly laid out before starting!). It’s a bit like teasing a suppose - Dragging out the foreplay for a fetish escort in Birmingham to hance both your pleasure and hers. This is sure to get Riley ready for whatever your orders are!

Safeword: A safeword is one of the most important things when you are with a fetish escort from Birmingham. It is simply the usage of an agreed word, that signals, usually the more dominant, to stop. You can also use the color system which goes a little like this: Green = Wow, do not stop! Yellow = Getting close to her limits, or some people use it as a ‘stop for a second’. Red = Stop, do not continue!

Rough sex: All ladies love a bit of hard core thrusting, under the sheets from time to time and Riley is a fetish escort who is no different. A bit of biting, scratching and/or hair pulling never hurt anyone…

Impact play: Impact play is pretty much as it sounds and is actually a subcategory of sensation play. Including, but not limited to the following: Spanking, slapping, the usage of paddles, flogs, whips and more. It is basically when something makes an impact with someone's body, be it a hand or a toy. Riley is a fetish escort that likes such services to a mild level. 

Consent: This is where consent is given freely and without force to the dominant. This is simply the start of all things kinky and fetish like. Everything needs to be consensual.

Collar/collaring: A collar worn by the submissive to show the ‘ownership’ of the dominant. This is simply a collar that goes round the neck of the submissive (in this case Riley). Something that is very sexy looking!

Dressing up: Role play is another one of this fetish escorts’ loves, in the bedroom. She enjoys dressing up to make it easier for clients to really get into the moment. 

Aftercare: This is a period, after all of the above has taken place, in which the submissive and dominant take time to recuperate from the sensual experience which has just happened. This can be by cuddling, slightly more vanilla and intimate sex, or even eating and drinking. Aftercare is considered by fetish escorts and also clients to be another key part in taking part in kinky services. 


Escort Riley is not all naughtiness however. As she is actually an amazing GFE escort on top of being a great girl for those who want fetish services. She is a girl that needs to be booked with. Only then will you understand what a unmatchable service she gives and what a beautiful, open minded and sublime choice of fetish escort she is!


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