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Bubbly Blonde

Blonde is the most popular colour of hair among women. With most ladies dyeing their hair and very often ruining it to try and achieve was some of us can naturally. Blonde hair is said to be the most beautiful colour hair of all, as well as one of the rarest. In some places, such as Dubai you will find that people consider a blonde Birmingham escort to be lucky and of great importance - It has been said that men in particular some such places will rub the heads of a blonde haired lady in order to be given good fortune. 


While ladies with more common coloured hair, such as brunettes created the stigmata that blondes are very often stupid, uneducated and belong in the playboy mansion or working in McDonald’s getting your orders wrong. Often being said to have ‘Blonde moments’. But this is far from the truth, in any sense - Although, blondes are god damn sexy, so we’ll take the ‘playboy mansion’ bit as a compliment!


A blonde escort in Birmingham, like Maya, is the most advantageous lady you could choose a booking with and not just because of her golden locks.


Blonde escorts are perceived as more youthful and to be beaming feminism. Blonde hair is therefore associated with a more innocent, sweet and charming individual. Giving the ‘girl next door’ kind of charm and persona. 


But what is a blonde escort in Birmingham really like…. When in the bedroom?!


It is said that blonde haired women have highest levels of estrogen in the body (the female equivalent to testosterone) and therefore have a highest sex drive. It also makes your features finer and more dainty. Enhancing the youthful looks and therefore giving off a signal of fertility.  ‘’Blondes have more fun’’... You guessed it, this stems from the highest estrogen levels, which gives women higher levels of fire and vivacity.


While blondes tend to be the most wild and adventurous. In the case of blonde Birmingham escort Maya, she is indeed very spirited within the sheets. They are also perceived as more approachable to men, as well as open minded. 


Blondes are also thought to be more ‘’needy’’. However, in the case of an escort with blonde hair, this is excellent. Because it manifests itself in a way that they want cuddles and to be very attentive towards their customers.


All in all, a blonde escort is not only going to be aesthetically pleasurable, but great in the bedroom and a wonderful companion for you. Hence why escort Maya is an adored choice of lady within the city.


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