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What you can expect you Gloucester escorts to have in their bag.

As an escort, what you have or carry in your bag is so much important. One of the biggest female secrets is the content of what is in your bag. Where you go, your bag goes. You do not allow anybody to peep inside nor touch your bag. A high class Gloucester escort takes this to a whole other level, knowing what she has in her bag is much more extensive than what an average purse contents are.

How you can recognize high class Gloucester escorts is by their wardrobe and not their clothing. What they need when they are on their job requires a rather large bag, that’s why you see them with one. This bag is termed the ‘Escort bag.’ This bag is always elegant on the outside and functional on the inside. This bag contains everything they will need to make sure the time with their clients is successful.

So what does a Gloucester escorts bag contain?

Mobile phone- as an escort, you need a phone to be contacted on and it must always be charged.

Hair clip and brush- an escort need this to put up her hair during massage and bath and wouldn’t have to go through the stress of blowing her hair for minutes during booking.

Cash- to settle some bills e.g. taxi.

Toothbrush and paste- this includes one for her and another for her client. She may even tell the client she wants to brush her teeth and also ask him to join her. This hint is something no client is going to ignore.

Additional stockings- an escort needs an extra stockings in case one breaks.

Makeup-   going with some basic makeup is important, this is to make sure an escort exit the hotel just like the same way she entered. She may need to go with nail file, perfume, and deodorant.

Bath oil- this is needed to take a bath with her client. She doesn’t necessarily have to come with the entire bottle, a miniature is okay.

Music- Gloucester escorts always have a few playlist on their smartphones which comprises of music suitable for a sensual setting. This usually is some type of lounge music. Some may even prefer coming with small speakers which are perceived to give better sound than that of their smartphones.

Massage oil- this has to be the oil an escort likes. A scented massage oil does so well to override any unpleasant body odor of any client. One thing about the use of oil is that, if a client is in a relationship a thorough wash up will be required to prevent taking an unfamiliar scent home. Overall, massage oil brings about a spectacular erotic massage.

Sexual items for your pleasure

Condoms- penis are of different sizes, which ranges from small to big. More than 90% of clients will go with a standard condom. So it’s the duty of Gloucester escorts to always carry with her latex free condoms for clients who complain of being allergy to latex.

Vibrator- as an escort in Gloucester, a small, discreet vibrator should not be found missing in your bag. A larger number of clients derive pleasure playing with sex toys or like to watch an escort play with one. Also, some clients might prefer the usage of the toy on them.

Candles- most hotel rooms doesn’t have romantic lightening which are taken care of by an escort. Candles create a romantic setting and feeling, especially when placed around the bed and bathtub. Also, remember to go with a lighter.

A sponge- sometimes an escort can spontaneously bleed a little while having sex, which could be as a result of her client’s big penis or the action being a little bit rough. This is not welcomes by some clients, which is why the need for a sponge comes in. A sponge is sterilized, round in shape of approximately five centimeters in diameter. When inserted into the vagina, you can have sex without bleeding as it holds the blood that might arise from the act.

Identification- Gloucester escorts are expected to have a means of identification in their bags, as some hotesl may request it when they are on an outcall.

The above elements or points are standard items a professional high class Gloucester escort will have in her escort bag. Sometimes, there may be some special requests that will require an escort to also go with some additional outfits along with her to her booking.

The benefits of Booking Professional escorts

Just like any other profession, the escort profession is of no difference. And looking at the fact that working as an escort is stereotyped, the negativities of the profession are what most people know about; while ignoring the good sides. But working as an escort has many benefits. The benefits of working as an escort in Gloucester are:

It has a good pay

Working as an escort has many benefits, one of the major benefits of working as an escort in Gloucester is the large amount of money clients are ready to offer for the escort service, and also the number of time a client can meet an escort in a day. Just think about a client that is willing to pay a large amount of money, multiply what he’s willing to pay by the number of time you meet. That sounds really interesting right?

Freedom to state price for your service

Gloucester escorts are at liberty to state the terms and condition of engagement with their clients, even to the extent of coming up with a premium price depending on demand, beauty or attraction standards. Gloucester escorts can decide to have more than a client in a day, this all depends on how many client they can attend to.

With every client that approaches her, an escort in Gloucester has all it takes to set her own unique price, this has nothing to do with how heavy the price is. Clients are ready to pay any amount so far an escort meets what they desire. There is no restriction to the caliber of people or clients an escort can have, an escort can get clients with high status such as rich politicians and the rest. As long as clients want to quench their desire which they value so much, they are willing to pay an escort any amount she demands.

The freedom that comes with it

Gloucester escorts get all the freedom they need. As an escort in Gloucester, you are in charge of your time and schedule. And even when in service, an escort still get to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Some escorts get to travel to places such as posh hotels, restaurants, beaches, and even go sightseeing with their clients. These are basically some of the benefits you get to enjoy working as an escort in Gloucester, and not to talk of the big package that comes with it. An escort in Gloucester can have a rich client who is ready to splash her with money and gifts all week long, take her to beautiful places around the world, get a taste of good food of any kind as she desires and so much more.

Ladies working as escorts in Gloucester have found the career to be easier when compared to other careers they have been in. An escort availability and schedule are being followed by her clients. Also, an escort doesn’t report to a boss or attend to tasks she doesn’t want to. Although this may be different if she’s working with an agency.